Wednesday, April 16, 2008



KT is witnessing its worst water shortage in decades. The taps are dry most of the time and the wells and bore holes only provide brackish water that is unfit for human consumption. But this situation is in the midst of plenty as large bodies of water in dams are within reach. Ajiwa dam provides most of the drinking water for KT but the water works there is not sufficient and has aged. The water pumped from there arrives in huge pipes to booster stations inside town. These then distribute to smaller pipes that eventually takes the water to homes. The supply is now erratic and to make up for the short fall water carriers sell their stuff in yellow jerry cans. And they do not come cheap. Zobe and Jibia dams are all within reach but are yet to be harnessed to supplement what is available from Ajiwa.
The state government has so far kept mum on this important issue and we might suffer this shortage for years on end.

Isnt Katsina Yar'Adua's state? I heard one of the reasons he was shorlisted for becoming president is water projects he inaugurated in Katsina. Why are there still water shortages?
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