Monday, March 03, 2008



Local Government elections are over in KT and all but three of the previuos office holders were returned. Likewise the elections for the ruling party's officials where all of the party executives were eleted un opposed. For both so called elections though the same "democratic" rule of consensus was put into use. My dictionary defines consensus as a broad unanimity or a widespread agreement among members of a group. Now if indeed this were the case one would not bother much. But the reality was that several members of the group were not allowed to partake, least of all agree with the candidates so elected. And they made this known in variuos fora including the media.
This definitely puts democracy in great jeopardy in the state. And indeed the whole country.
But here is praying that the rule of law would one day come to be respected by our leaders.

Hajia, thank you for pointing out this dimension of lawyers in Nigerian politics; they are all the same with the crooked politicians. For Katsina, it is a tragedy. But didn't you think that the lawyer couldn't have done what he did (i.e. the so-called elections by consenus) if his elder brother in Abuja did not condone it? I hear that Big Brother is interested in anything said or done in govt corridors in Katsina. So... Think.
@bahaushe .. thank you for pointing out the big brother connection even though its pretty obvious to all from day one. but this hardly absolves his excellency.
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