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My attention was drawn to the above book written by Zbigniew Brezinski who was the United States National Security Adviser to former president Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. That was the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise and rise of the resistence movement known as the Mujahedeen. Without doubt the Americans played a key role in the arming of the Mujahedeen and the ouster of the Soviets from the country. It is instructive to note,however, that among the many Saudis recruited for the Mujahedeen job was a little known millionaire who goes by the name of Usama Bin Laden. The Americans must have noted his potentials and showed him one or two tricks that turned him into a billionaire, among other things. But no sooner the war was over than the Mujahedeen and the new government they helped to set up turned into a frankenstein monster for the USA. Many Americans are not aware of this shady side of their government largely due to what is described as their willful ignorance.

I am searching for this book and would be surprized if Mr Brezinski did not reveal the cloak and dagger job the CIA did in recruitig and arming sundry Arabs for the Mujahedeen insurgency against the Soviets which direcrtly culminated into the present American invasion of and the quagmire now in Afghanistan.

It is common knowledge that the US recruited,sponsored and armed several insurgencies and individuals during the cold war.OSAMA BIN LADEN is one of the prodigies of the US,and belongs to an exclusive group including people like Saddam Hussein etc who were put to nefarious use by the evil empire,AMERIKKA.It speaks volumes about the illegitimate war against terrorism as pursued by George `Dubya┬┤ Bush and his neocons and industrial military complex(I.M.C) business machine.
i do agree with jinni...all this is puppet show but not many are laughing!

p.s. u know brzezinski is polish :p
@jinni ..I can not agree more.

@amina. thanks for visiting. so brezinski is polish? that makes him your parapo eh. have a good day
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