Thursday, March 20, 2008



Reverbrations from the last African Cup of Nations football tournament in Ghana would be with us for a long time. This is judging by the selective punishments that FIFA refrees doled out on the pitch. I am no great football fan in the true sense of the word and therefore missed what amounted to a double standard by some of these refrees. The above picture of an Egyptian player was sent to me with the explanation that he was shown a yelow card for displaying the above writings on his inner shirt. FIFA HQ was said to have defended the action by saying that it was against the habit of players displaying political and religious statements. Well by this statement FIFA has argued against itself since several players have engaged in this kind of thing and they were not sanctioned. In the same tournement a Ghanian player was said to have waved a Jewish flag in response to the Gaza statement, but he was not given a yellow card. If this is not double standard then I dont know what is. Is FIFA fast deteriorating into a neo con zealot?
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I am not a football fan,but I am a fan of the Egyptian team and I sympathise with Gaza citizens and Palestinians.Ghana,Nigeria,etc did not win!God´s will be done.POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
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