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Muslim Sisters Orgnisation (MSO) has joined the battle against corruption by teaching its members a brand new prayer. MSO is a kind of sorority or salon made up of married women who meet on sundays in cities across the nation. Its not a highbrow organisation like Rotary club with its dress code and weekly takings and is not based on tribe. In fact its open to all women but the beauty of it is that messages can be passed along to several men and husbands. Which makes the organisation to have a huge potential in areas like mobilizing for a cause.
Now the prayer in question is very simple but members are asked to utter it in the mornings when their husbands are leaving the house for work. It goes like this: Please bring back to us things that are halal". Pretty simple eh? But already reactions have been reported where some husbands frowned at the practice.
If you dont get my drift then imagine how these set of Nigerians would react to such a prayer; Customs officers, local government chairmen, and politicians. We can expand the list to include all others but the bottom line is that many husbands will be sore at their wives for saying this prayer and will demand an immediate stop to it.

Many husbands are forced to bring home `halak´ by their wives who always nag and make outrageous demands for money and material things.
A major reason for corruption in this country is `women´.Women place heavy demands from men which they know are beyond the means of the men.Men being chivalrous,always try to please women,even if it means through illegal means.
I think this organization will do well in teaching the `moslem sisters´ not to be materialistic, nag or make extraordinary demands from their men.
i am really in support of the MSO, this is a very powerful prayer that will contribute alot to the society and in the well-being of an individual against feeding and being fed by something that is not halal. i am on ur side hajia

Jinni ..i think you have a good point even if it cannot hold water if we consider things like knowledge of what is right and wrong. if you know smth is wrong and you do it, for whatever reason, then you will suffer the consequences. i want to believe that a "nagging wife" excuse would never save one on the day of judgement. when you source haram and take it home do you then tell God: "my wife made me to do it!"

heavy burden you say? well take it or leave it - the choice is yours to make...but always remember you have options.

chivalrous and illegality equals doom. no more no less.

i agree with you the organisation will do well to teach its members to be less materialistic and all and i understand they are doing that pretty well.
sadiq ..thanks. incidentally this same prayer was used by the wives of the companions of the prophet 1,427 years ago. this says a lot about our collective knowledge of that period.
Hey, I don't know how I stumbled upon this site. I guess, one link to another to another.
Good to read about a different perspective of a fellow Nigerian. Meanwhile, I thought halal meant no pork meat. What has this got to do with wives & husbands? Am I missing something here?
tobenna ..welcome. halal in this context refers to one's rightful posession or money with which things are bought for the family. one's salary is halal but not the money obtained through corrupt practices at the work place. we all know that the flamboyant lifestyle of most customs officers, local government chairmen and politicians is possible as a result of money obtained through corruption. and thats what MSO is trying to check in a suble way.
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