Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Since the disappointment I suffered along with the people of KT during Sallah, and the journey to Daura which was a fiasco, a trail of setbacks trailed me. My car broke down in the middle of no where and had to be abandoned there for a day. By the time I went with my mechanic some urchins had removed one tyre and traffic lights on the body. As if that was not enough, my cell phone was also stolen at the garage. These two mishaps nearly made me to flip over.
The loss of the cell phone was particularly devastating seeing that I bought it not more than a month before. And it was a high end gizmo with all the bells and whistles you can think of: bluetooth, wireless LAN, 3.5 mega pixel camera, digital recorder, memory card etc. I shelled out more than 50 thousand to acquire it and some nut case took it away from me. And it went along with all the contact numbers of my friends and relations! I asked everybody in the garage but no one saw anything. I went home and cussed some more but to no avail.
I calmed down towards midnight and thought the whole thing up objectively. First I wanted the phone to be blocked so that it would be rendered useless to the thief. Unfortunately my service provider MTN does not have a blocking software for stolen cell phones. In fact there are so many things they don't offer to us, their customers, including hassle free calls. Perhaps thats why some people coined Matsala Tazo Najeria. I thought of my numbers inside the phone and decided to visit the garage the following day perchance the thief threw it around the place. He did not.

The following day word went out that I lost my phone and some asked me to buy another one. And thats when I made up my mind to stay without a handset. Why buy another only to lose it again some day? Already the car was to stay in the garage for a month or so and what an opportunity to also for go the cell phone? And while I was at it, I also thought I had had enough of high tech anyway and so my laptop will have to go too, along with browsing. I would rather start living like the Amish? No car rides, no calls of whatever kind, and no browsing. It will be a thrill, I thought. So I packed my Acer and locked it in the closet.
Let me just say that it was not easy at all but thank God I have done it for a number of days and its all over. I am back and know I have missed a lot. But above all I apologise to my readers for not updating as usual. Life now continues as usual...

Inna lillahi...,I sympathise with u and I wd say the world will be a better place if we all lived like the Amish,at least we wont hear abt global warming,pollution,injustices,the war in Iraq etc.
I lost my phone like twice and since then I made a decision to use a simple and cheap nokia and I am much happier.
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