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This signboard speak volumes of the irony behind the BORYAM scandal which had to do with a short video clip of a Kannywood film star (Maryam Hiana) having intercourse with her male friend. Circulation of the clip caused an upheavel in the North and in the local film industry that culminated in the draconian measures adopted by the Kano state government to curb the excesses of the players. But believe it or not the above clearly shows what pundits call "one man's food is another man's poison". The signboard stands by a busy side street in KT and whenever I drive by, I wonder what those irate youths in Bauchi, who were said to be looking for Hiana, to kill, would do when they see it. In fact they once trailed a Hiana look-alike and nearly butchered her. It never occurred to them to equally look for Bobo, the man who shot and acted in the porn clip.
Many bloggers from the North commented on the scandal and most were sympathetic to the girl. You may check this and this and this and this.
You may also check this out and while you are at it, haven't you noticed some spelling mistakes on the signboard?

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I guess hypocrisy rules our world.
Barkah de Sallah, hajia!
@ miss hotbody ..thnks for dropping by. indeed hypocrisy rule the world especially ours in naija.

@solo ..thanks and same to you. and dont forget my piece of turkey when you celeb x-mas
hajia,what is good for the geese is good for the gander.Hiyana got paid alot of money to have sex with bobo,and now some sharp bizman is using her name to sell his goods.i love hausa fulani culture but dislike hypocrisy,double standards and the backwardness in the society.Allah ya shirye mu,Ameen
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