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This meal was prepared from a recipe as long as my arm. Its from Abbeys' first blogsite. But if not for the cans behind I would have sworn its good old rice and plantain. No more no less. But its not as the dish is called Joshua Chicken Curry. Which means those things that look like plantain that you see on top are actually chicken nuggets. And there are green beans and several other things whose names are new to me. The blog is full with such pictures of mouth watering dishes and is described as "Recipes from the Kitchens of People who love Food". Yummy Tucker is the blog's other name. Abbey also maintain another blog called Random Thoughts of Life here.
This other blog is on things generally and has lots of pictures, some bizarre, and other blog stuff.
Hope to try some of the recipes as soon as I assemble the items required.

Wow Hajia, thanks for the compiment..Joshua is our friends son(10yrs)and this was his first attempt at cooking (hence the cans)..2 women I know maintain this site and can cook!

I got busy with the Random site, so I have been a little lazy on the cooking...

Whats plantain? ...all three of us work with teenagers so we are often looking for recipes from other countries..

Again thank you for your kind brought a big smile to my face...x
@abbey ..thanks. send my regards to those two excellent cooks who maintain the cookery blog and master Joshua for the recipe. i will surely give it a shot.
plantain is a banana like fruit that is roasted and eaten along with rice mostly. needless to say it is sweet and its a favorite with me. i will jot down smth on it ..
looks delicious! yummyyy
@kizzie thanks for dropping by. i tried the recipe twice without much success. perhaps i should ask master joshua himself to send more details.
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