Saturday, November 03, 2007

This is a home made helicopter built by a University student in Kano. Mubarak Abdullahi, 24, said it took him 8 months to build from old car parts and the carcass of a B747 plane that crashed along time ago near Kano. The machine was flown on six occasions rising to an altitude of seven feet. One of the demonstration flights was made in KT.
This budding engineer hopes that the federal government would show interest in his chopper. So far no one has said anything to him government or private organisation.
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Greetings Hajia,

What fortitude! This young man serves as an inspiration. I will share this link with some of the young men I interact with here in the States. This young man should continue his inner-workings without the structured concepts of western science. He has the potential to submit to the higher sciences that will liberate anabolic structures that will be in harmony with the envirnment.

Wow, I didnt know he had flown it already. the guy is a genius! Well done!
@zahra ..the guy is indeed a genius but so far its only we bloggers who celebrate his feat. what a pity..
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