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I checked the map of a site meter I installed on this blog and was pleasantly surprized to discover that readers of this blog are spread around all the continents except one - South America. The site counter also indicated that more than 1000 readers have so far visited my blog. I was elated by this development.
Now as a mark of respect for my readers I have been thinking of ways in which I can improve the blog. In this regard I am now asking you, my readers, to please drop in suggestions or ideas that could take the blog to new heights. For example if there are specific topics you would like to read more about in Hajia, I would be happy to write on them. Personally I view this blog as an interactive dialogue between you and me and in which we both can learn from each other. So if there is any topic or area that you would like to know more about regarding life, views and perspectives from KT or Nigeria, please feel free to let me know. You can either leave a comment here on the blog or send it to my e-mail box at
I want to thank you for visiting my blog and I truly hope you find the postings fair, educative, informative and at times entertaining.

Ive been reading your blog for a little while. I think I first come here from 'Saudi Jeans' ..I like to read about lives of women in different cultures, religions to myself. i've beem trying to learn more about Muslims, especially from a womens perspective...I like to read about day to day things, like when you talked of people queing for ice...

I think it makes the world more peaceful when women discuss and learn from each is impossible to have predujices when one understands another...If that makes sense...

So anything along those lines...Im an Ausralian so your world is very different to my own...I like the suggestion box idea..
@abbey ..thanks for the comments. i will do my best on the kind of posts you suggested. if you live around perth then i may have noted that while you were browsing a few days ago. i wrote 'hello aussie" in the c-box comment panel at the time. that was on 7 nov.
been to ur blog. lots of mouth watering recipes. if ever u publish i will buy the book
thank you for the compliment hajia, but Im not a good cook, u might of mixed me with someonelse ...I live on the east coast, at a beachside town so I imagine it is very different from yo...hope your well...abbey
yes Abbey there appears to be some mix up. every time i click on your link it takes me to a blogger profile with two blog listings. i have posted smth about these two blogs.
pls tell me how to get to your blog.
Hello hajia, no it was my have a cooking blog started by my friend...but I went on to do the Random one... forgot all about it till you remeinded me...thank you...x
Hajia,u have a nice blog and i hope to read more interseting stuff from u
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