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Hospitality is associated with KT for several reasons and perhaps that is what informed the choice of the phrase on the state car plate number. The plate number screams HOME OF HOSPITALITY and this begs the question of how the people do it. What do they do to show hospitality? Or put another way, what kindness do the people show to visitors? And how friendly or welcoming are the people to visitors? A littler story would suffice here.

Karkarku is a Fulani settlement on the outskirts of Daura. I was there on a social visit with some relations and what transpired there actually made me to write this post. No sooner we arrived than the woman of the house started bringing out things for our comfort and stomachs. First she brought out a fine mat, a carpet and pillows. We all made ourselves comfortable. Then she gave us Fura or millet porridge with lots of undiluted nono or milk. Karkarku is particularly noted for these two things: milk and fura. You wont see any cows roaming about but their milk is the best in KT state. In between the usual greetings she sensed that we wont stay for long so she sent out for a full meal to be bought from a neighbouring house. Quite a meal considering the environment. After two hours or so we left the place for Daura town where we drove around aimlessly. Around the Emir's palace I remember looking out, hoping to catch a glimpse of Zahra.

On our way back to KT we made a detour after the airport and sped to Abukur, a small town along Katsina- Kano road. The intention was to drop a message only, but we were delayed with the usual entertainment. Fura was served and some snacks and the greetings went full length.

From these two examples we can conclude that entertaining visitors is a tradition in KT. They are welcomed and offered something to drink and eat. This aspect of hospitality appears to be universal and exist in all cultures. Where we difference is in terms of the offering. The Chinese offer tea to their visitors while Americans offer coffee. The Fulanis among us, especially those close to their cattle, offer milk and fura to their visitors.

But what do they entertain visitors within KT proper? Something to drink is usually the first thing to be offered and could be followed by a solid meal. Fura and milk are no more in vogue even though there are houses in the town where they could be offered. Like in the downtown areas. Kola nuts too were popular at one time, but no more. In most middle class houses what you get is juice, soft drinks and snacks. This is really a lazy man's way out but provides a quick fix to the problem of unexpected guests. After the usual Marhaba the visitor is shown a seat and is followed by greetings and, defending on the situation, some banter. The entertainment then starts.

I usually keep some juice and can soft drinks handy in my house. The traditional fura and milk has been abandoned for obvious reasons. Would this be changed one day and we see people serving tea and coffee in KT? Only time will tell but the advantages of both could be a factor for any changeover.

Hajia, how much does 1-litre of Fura and Nono cost? Banda santi dai.
HAJIYA!!!! What a coincedence. I just wrote a paragraph about Katsinawa and hospitality. Hehehe My mum is from Karkarku! I'm 1/2 karkarku 1/2 Daura yay! Hehe. The fura in KArkarku can knock you out o! YOu start getting dizzy if you overdose. I have done a fair bit of travelling around a lot of KT towns and I love them for their Hospitality. If i knew u were going to Daura i wud've given you my gran's address. She doesn't live in the emirs palace anymore but it's the first house across the road after the palace. Nevermind, next time :)
@xps if you don't know. its still the same price, no inflation in that sector.

@zahra ..Indeed its a coincidence and its really uncanny. Who would have thought krkrku is such close to you. but its a lovely place and i like it a lot. next time i go there i will comb the place till i find your relations.
thanks for reminding me that fura can actually knock a person to sleep.
i could not get to the paragraph you wrote on hospitality.
Afraid, we're a little predictable...a cup of tea and a biscuit are what we serve visitors..

I love this post..x
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