Friday, November 23, 2007



The western media, led by the CNN, is busy with the Saudi girl rape story. Condemnations are sought from everywhere so as to put pressure on the Kingdom's rulers. But here is my understanding of the story: a Shi'ite girl was about to get married and was bent on getting back her pictures etc from her previous boy friend. She went to an agreed rendezvous in a public place to meet the boy and collect her items. She entered the boy's car and both were abducted and abused sexually. She was said to have been raped 14 times. Her husband was not happy and he encouraged her to take up the case with the rapists in a local court. She did and the rapists were sentenced to between 2 and 9 years. Curiously enough though the Qatif girl was also found guilty and sentenced to six months and 200 lashes. What could have been her offense? Well it turned out she violated what is called the Khalwa ruling which states that being with unrelated man in a private place is a culpable offense. That is by entering the car the girl had unwittingly stepped into some private area with the boy. And so judges passed her the above sentence.

I believe there is nothing wrong in putting pressure on the KSA authorities to let the girl off the hook. She has suffered immensely and the trauma of what she went through is enough for her. But the western media has some agenda in covering this story the way they are doing.

Update: Saudi media reported that King Abdallah has granted pardon to the Qatif girl which brings the whole saga to a happy end.

Our media (Australia) too Haijia, is pursuing this story, and it made me question their agenda...

I think it is because they are Saudis and not christian the media want to portray this country as being 'backward' and not in the 21st century and are using this womans tragic experience for their own reasons.
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