Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It appears that PHCN (aka NEPA) is really confused about the correct voltage to supply to Nigerians at home and offices. Sometimes what you get is close to 220 but in most cases it is far below that. In fact these days the voltage is so low you cant even re-charge your handset battery. It is that bad! My stabilizer has once indicated the incoming voltage to be less than 100 volts. What do you do with this voltage that cant power anything?
I don't know whether PHCN is trying to change the country's official voltage from 220v to 110v or the vagaries of old transformers is the problem. Could it be the high demand or the corrupt nature of Nigerians at play.
All of the above have some role to play in our plight but it is worth mentioning that investment in the power sector stagnated for more than twenty years. As a result of that now we need close to ten years of massive investment by way of new thermal plants and hydro electric turbines before power and energy would be available 24/7.
So up to your necks in forbearance Nigerians.
Above shows a house in western California with electricity generating solar panels on the roof. It has been my dream project to sever PHCN power lines to my house and instead generate my own electricity using similar solar panels. Perhaps one day I will realise my dream.

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