Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hawan Bariki fell on Friday, a short day, and was shifted to Saturday. That day the procession of horses and men started from the Governors house in GRA to Kangiwa square. Unfortunately the Emir could not mount and the crowds lining the streets were contented with the district heads. It was colorful and full of pageantry.
President 'YarAdua breezed into town same day. The presidential jet made its maiden touch down on the brand new tarmac of KT Airport. His first port of call was, oddly enough, the permanent site of KSU. I found that odd but on second thoughts it might be a good idea after all. We all know that work has stopped on the site along time ago and Yardy had promised relocating the university from its temporary site inside HUK Polytechnic to its permanent site by January 2008. This can not happen if the contractors continue abandoning the site. His visit could just provide the tonic the contractors need in order to resume.

Greetings Hajia,

Excuse me of my ignorance but is the event your talking about called Durbar? In reference to KSU, I'm sourcing that you have a vested interest in this institution. If so, are you an instructor?

@paul are right its called durbar but we natives here call it not an instructor at KSU. i dont want the school to be killed. i want it to succeed. thats all
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