Wednesday, November 07, 2007



The harmattan season is already with us in KT. You just feel and see the transition. My thermometer has recorded temperatures as low as 18 degrees Celsius around Subhi prayer time but it usually rises quickly to above 22 by say ten o'clock in the morning. Blankets and sweaters are back in demand and hawkers of these items are already on the prowl. Dusty strong winds have started blowing thereby complicating the woes of those with asthma. Most people now suffer acute catarrh and cough (or cold and flu) including yours truly. There is a surge in clinics and hospitals for these ailments and the usual drugs prescribed are antibiotics and vitamin C. I am still taking mine. And you need handkerchiefs, tissue paper or Kleenex box beside you. Its battle time with running noses, watery eyes, sore throats, light coughing, insomnia etc.
Perhaps as a result of global warming the temperature rises quickly to 38 by 2.00pm. This scorching heat continues to till around five o'clock when it starts to go down again.

Wow! Harmattan already? Ko da yake its November. Hehe, I should buy beenies to give to people as tsaraba kenan :)
@zahra ..yes its here already. better come with your thermal too. hows the temp out there.

I've never been to KT, but in Kano this January, Harmattan was thick especially since living in Lagos you don't have the strong winds as such, but just the overcasted sky. When I got back to Lagos, my throat was sore and I had a small cough. How to you manage the sharp transitions in temperature? The global warming has had extreme effects here in New just began to get cold.
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