Saturday, November 03, 2007


Above shows King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia and Laura Bush. The latter was on a tour to the Middle East countries to create breast cancer awareness. For the King to extend his hand and shake this woman in front of cameras is a feat his predecessors would never have done. I have high hopes for this man- the custodian of the two holy mosques. His country is going through a tough time, what with Osama bin Ladin people popping up every now and then, USA pressure to democratize and the local activist and bloggers on his neck. And this is not to mention the clerics - the disciples of Bin Baz and his counterparts in the Saud family who are itching to have a shot at the throne.
I want to believe that very soon the King would allow Saudi women to start driving cars in the Kingdom. I believe the King might be trying to send a message to his subjects and indeed the whole world with this picture. On the democratization front the King has done marvelous things on the Shura Council, succession law and judicial reform. He also has a brand new hi-tech university soon to be built- King Abdallah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).
By doing all these the King has shown his commitment to reform the Kingdom for the better. I wish him good luck.


It's absolutely 'PAROCHIAL' don't you think that we still have leaders so based in a concept of thought that limits the ability to think with common sense. Keep your work of bringing forth information that challenges beliefs with common sense.

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