Saturday, November 03, 2007

Governor Shema has abolished the payment of school fees by secondary school students in the state. He said this in his Sallah message. This is some good news but perhaps it should be followed by an order to run shift to all schools in the state(both primary and secondary). This is so as to de-congest the classes. Presently all these 4-story classes built by Yardy are full with between 60 to 70 students. Such an atmosphere does not augur well for learning and running shift could be the only way out.

I want to comment on your story of school fees. I was once a secondary school principal myself. It is correct Governor Shema has abolished payment of school fees by secondary school students but you fail to elaborate on the issue. i don't blame you much since you picked the story from the news media. First the story was meant to achieve political points since the money involved is just too small. The students pay 30 naira only as school fees per annum and if you multiply this by the number of secondary school students in the whole state the amount is really not much. Assuming we have 20,000 as the total number of students, the state government merely waived 600,000 naira. Is this amount worth telling the world. If governor Shema really wants to do something tangible to secondary school education there are many ways to do it. And I don't have to mention them here. Enough of fooling around since its more than six months now since he was inaugurated.
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