Saturday, November 03, 2007



Ramadan came to an end and Sallah was celebrated along time ago (on thursday 11th October) . Here is a belated Fitr Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!
News from the United states indicated that this year's Ramadan has been very eventful. First the United States Congress passed a resolution recognising Ramadan as a holy season for Muslims. Secondly the Empire State Building in New York was for the first time lit up in green to honour the Eid holiday. The illumination continued till the end of the weekend. I consider these two things to be remarkable. (Thanks M.)
KT was agog with the activities and Kofar Soro was as usual adorned to match the mood. The procession of horses, artistes and costumed groups was the best ever.
Above picture shows Kofar Soro by Kangiwa square where the Sallah parade converged.

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