Friday, October 05, 2007


The number one best seller item in KT today is ....wait for block. Yes plain, old ice block that is made by pouring water in to a plastic bag and allowing it to stay long in the freezer. Ice block hawkers have taken over the retail trade and they display their wares at spots along the road stretching from steel rolling mill roundabout up to the old market. In short, IBB Way is now the place to patrol if you want to quench your thirst with cool water this Ramadan. Temperatures rise to 38 degrees Celsius and naturally, for someone fasting, cold water could be the first thing into the mouth. No wonder the commotion by eager ice block buyers have caused traffic jams on various locations along the street.(thanks J.)

picture shows the first customers to spot an ice block seller. Those near by start the crowd followed by those on motor cycles and lastly those in cars join. The commotion caused in this instance did not block the road as the cars were parked neatly on both sides of the road. This scene was captured on Lawrence Onoja road by IBB way as the seller bent down to collect the ice blocks from her sack . The Water Board pump station is in the background.

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