Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Its 6.17 pm now which means breaking the fast is close by. As I type these words my mouth is dry and my stomach is cringing. The day has been hot like yesterday with room temperatures hovering near 40 degrees Celsius. A chemical message has been sent repeatedly to my brain urging me to do something. Pictures of delicious foods have flashed in my mind and smells of rich foods have been recorded by my nose. All these have made me to salivate in torrents but I still refused to budge to any temptation. I will wait till I hear the Muazzin's call to prayer. Like I did yesterday and the day before .. since the beginning of the Ramadan. God bless all those fasting. Amen

happy eid el fitri!

Now that ramadan has come to an end, I wish you and your family the best!

Take care!
happy sallah hajia. and thanks for all those posts about KT. i enjoy them tremendously
Barka Da Sallah!
Peace and Greetings Hajia,
After reading your title to your Bolg site,
"The rantings of a frustrated double X trapped in a parochial corner of the third world.", I instantly received an image of an infinite thinker traped by speaking finite languages while intuitively projecting in consciousness the attraction of self that can vibrate on the universes' unlimited frequency. Then I searched through your site only to confirm my image. I know your power and your willingness to Create. I'm open and not intimidated by the power of an infinite thinker who can see thru the finite maze. I need your infinite Creativity.
"It takes an infinite thinker to know a infinite thinker therefore, the Universe does not save it only Creates, so I welcome our Manifestation or shall we say our Selfestation."
@solo.. thanks a lot. wish u same.

@anony...thank you too for the kind words.

@ranki ya dade..thanks alot and i look forward to seeing you during babbar sallah.

@paul..i kind of take that to be a complement so thanks alot. wish u have a blog ..

I do have a blog..., but it's a bit more ancient, and I know you know how to access it, but for the public record could you please utilize my email address with some of your infinite questions. I know I will reflect answers that will stimulate your magnitude of expression. Just looking at your blog (again)I can see you have the questions I need to stimulate growth for me and I do not have any problems with expressing my need for growth. So if you are in the same situation...I know you would feel free to write. If not, then I will continue to blog you at your blog site(smile). May you have infinite growth. Paul
Oh! by the way, I'm in Harlem, NY and the time difference to KT (I like this notation)is now 6 hours behind you. Therefore, my responses might have a small lag.
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